Westlake Girls Lacrosse


Westlake Girls Youth Lacrosse is open to girls in grades K through 8.
A Fall Development program is offered to players in graders K through 4 and a Fall Ball offering is offered for grades 5 through 8.  All skill levels are welcome.
Grades 3 through 8 play in a spring league with practices starting in February and ending with a Tournament in May. Grades K thru 2 participate in our 6 week Scoopers program which begins March and runs through April. Our Youth teams, other than Scoopers, compete in and are governed by the Capital Area Youth Girls Lacrosse League (CAPLAX).
During the spring season grades 3-8 practice twice per week and have 6 weekend games for each division.  Players are expected to attend both practices and games.   Divisions are assigned by the following grade levels...
  • ScoopersK - 2nd Grade
  • Lightning: 3rd and 4th Grade 
  • Junior: 5th and 6th Grade
  • Senior: 7th and 8th Grade 
To participate all girls need a regulation women's stick, lacrosse goggles and a colored mouth guard at all times.
We highly encourage parents to get involved, so that we can focus our energy on teaching the girls the game of lacrosse in a fun and safe environment!