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About Westlake Girls Lacrosse

Built through Teamwork.
Fueled by Community.


Our Story

Westlake Girls Lacrosse (WGL) doesn’t just strive to provide a preparatory lacrosse experience for girls in Austin, Texas.  We go beyond on-field play by offering a broader lacrosse education in a fun and safe environment.  Our team leaders foster player development and growth while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and friendship, on the field and off.

Girls that participate in WGL programs are given the tools to take on leadership roles and learn work ethic that will benefit them in all of their future pursuits.

The History of WGL

The Westlake Girls Lacrosse program was established in 2001 to teach girls the game of lacrosse, but the program has grown to encompass much more. The life skills that our players learn and the support that they receive helps set them up for success outside of sports.

We are passionate about lacrosse and eager to introduce girls to the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. What used to be an “East Coast” sport is now finding huge participation levels in the South and West. Over 117 colleges and universities now have a Division I Women’s Lacrosse program.

Westlake Girls Lacrosse has all the credentials to help players reach Division I play. We are a:

  • Member of USA Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse in the United States.
  • Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League (TGHSLL) Division I program.
  • Varsity club girls lacrosse team for Westlake High School.
  • Part of the Capital Area Youth Lacrosse League (CAPLAX).

At WGL, we intend to grow in conjunction with the increasing nationwide interest. Each year between 30 and 50 girls are introduced to the game through our youth programs that span from kindergarten through 12th grade. Today, Westlake Girls Lacrosse has about 140 active players.

WGL is proud to be a privately funded, non-profit organization that operates through donations from the community.

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Accolades & Achievements

Westlake Girls Lacrosse has earned the status of being a TGHSLL Division I program.

That means our high school players compete at the highest level of lacrosse in the state. TGHSLL teams are split into three districts: North (Dallas area), Central (Austin/San Antonio area), and South (Houston area). Teams compete in district-level playoffs, with a chance to advance to state. 

Westlake HS Girls Varsity Lacrosse team was the Division I District Champions in 2021 and in 2022 was again the District Champions as well as the State tournament runner-up, achieving a 14-2 record. The 2022 team was the first Division I team from Central Texas to advance to the state finals.

Attributes of a WGL Player


WGL is a perfect vehicle for developing character in girls and young women that are at an impressionable age. Participating in our lacrosse program, WGL athletes are taught how to win with class, lose with dignity, persevere in the face of setbacks, and respond to challenges. WGL players learn the value of accountability, leadership, discipline, humility, and respect.

Their Communities

In lacrosse, players can find community in their team, the program, their town, their league, and in the sport at large. Players better understand their obligation to their community from the most local level to the most global level. All team members are encouraged to give back to the community as much as possible so that they leave it better than when they found it.

Shapes a
Supportive Culture

WGL coaches establish a supportive culture that all team members are expected to embrace and personify. Coaches shape a culture that fosters sportsmanship, selflessness, and responsibility over dishonor, selfishness, and excuse-making. It’s the type of culture that builds a can-do mindset in our players.

Board Members

Program Director
Amanda Keel

Tom Clarkson

Vice President
Brad Thawley

Amy Clarkson


Mylene Duffy

Marissa Tarleton & Anna Clark

Annie Foley & Shelly Ruff

Emily Galatzan

John Hilton

Merideth Lamme & Kelly Moore

Player Development
Barbara Cavness

Game Day Administrator (High School):
Dana Yi

Game Day & Equipment (Youth):