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WGL Philosophy & Rules

The Mindset of a Champion

Girls that are part of a WGL team ultimately find success as a competitor and teammate by embracing our philosophies and rules. Each practice is an opportunity to build on a foundation of doing the right thing even when it isn’t the easy thing to do. It’s a chance to teach the importance of strong fundamentals and having the work ethic that’s needed to make progress through practice. 

Our goal is to help young girls not just flourish as athletes but excel in all of their pursuits for years to come. Joining WGL isn’t about being part of a premier lacrosse program. It’s about adopting the mindset of a champion. 

The 3 Rules of WGL

Be accountable

No excuses (don’t make any, don’t let anyone make any for you)

Be coachable

Show up on time ready to learn and have fun

Compete and have fun

Focus on the process, seek to improve a little bit every practice, and find the joy in competing alongside your teammates knowing the wins will come

The 6 WGL Practice Philosophies

  • Practices and drills have progression (Fundamentals Competition).
  • Drills have competition built-in (little games to keep it fun).
  • Drills reinforce good habits (muscle memory).
  • Practices use a teaching model: Demonstrate / Reinforce / Repetition.
  • A Stick Work Movement Drill should be run at every practice (at least 10 minutes).
  • Accountability philosophy: Doing it “right” and missing is better than doing it the “wrong” way and finding success.

Player Resources That Advance the Game

At WGL we believe no player is too young or old to advance their lacrosse skills. Our development plans are age specific and designed to progress along with a player on their lacrosse journey.